Steel Doors

Increasing your home’s security and energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. A wide variety of steel doors are now available from popular door manufacturers, offering not only increased protection for a front entryway but also add a unique visual impact.

Over the past number of years, steel garage doors have vastly become the most popular choice when choosing a garage door. For many homeowners, the primary benefit of a steel door is its durability.
The steel entry doors are chosen by the homeowners since they can serve a security feature to their home. If you are interested to have a new steel entry door, or even you start to think of replacing the old with the new one, you should consider the overall door’s cost as well as the installation costs of the doors.

Steel metal doors may not be the first thing you think of when looking for doors for your commercial establishment, but they are some of the more versatile door options. Steel doors work best for exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. Believe it or not, metal steel doors can also be installed in a residence — though they are more commonly used for stores, schools and commercial buildings.

Steel doors are not just one solid slab of steel. Instead, they are typically comprised of polystyrene or polyurethane cores that are then encased in a steel cover. It is best to look for a door with a gauge ranging from 16 to 24 for maximum durability.

When you’re in the market for steel doors with a frame, you want to ensure the door has the cutouts and design that matches your establishment. Some manufacturers have doors that are solid, while others offer window cutouts, different colors and even framing designs to customize the look of your establishment’s exterior.

Most doors are factory-primed, which means you can paint them to your own color specifications. If you’re looking for a longer lasting paint, consider having the manufacturer do the painting for you.