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    5 Reasons Aluminum is Better than Wood for Window Frames

    Are you planning on upgrading your home by getting new windows installed? Windows are a great addition to your home if you want to increase your home’s value and also save money on heating and cooling. It can be quite difficult to determine which type of window framing you should get for your home if you never purchase windows before. Luckily, there are several benefits that each window framing options have, and this article will specifically go over the benefits of having aluminum windows. Let’s get started on why you should get aluminum windows versus wooden window frames in your home.

    Lower Your Electric Bill

    One of the easiest ways to save on your electrical bill is by installing new aluminum windows in your home. The main reason you will save money on your energy bill is due to the fact that aluminum windows are very efficient and greatly improve the installation of your home. Compared to other window options, aluminum windows can improve your heat loss or heat gain by at least 60 Percent. This one reason alone should be sufficient enough as to why you should use aluminum windows compared to wooden frames. Aluminum windows save on your energy bill by using less energy, which means that you will produce less carbon monoxide.

    Lower Your Carbon Footprint

    A simple way to lower your carbon footprint in the world is by installing aluminum windows in your home. As you learned above, aluminum windows are very effective at insulating your home, so you will use less energy, which means you will produce a lower carbon footprint. Wooden windows are not as efficient in insulating your home so you will have to use more energy to heat or cool your home. This results in more energy being used, which will release more carbon monoxide into our atmosphere. If you want to help save the environment be sure to use aluminum windows. Aluminum windows have great durability and they are low-maintenance.

    Aluminum Windows are More Durable

    Another reason why you should get aluminum windows compare to wooden windows is that they are more durable. Aluminum windows also can stand the test of time. Aluminum is a very strong metal and it can resist corrosion and harsh weather conditions. You do not have to worry about your aluminum windows cracking, splitting, or swelling up throughout the years like you would with a wooden frame. While wooden frames need to be painted to hold up against weather conditions, aluminum window frames can be used straight out-of-the-box. You can still paint aluminum frames if you want to decorate them though. Even with aluminum frames long-lasting durability, they’re still cheaper than other window framing options.

    Aluminum Windows Are More Affordable

    You will quickly realize that aluminum framing is much cheaper than premium wood framing. While wood window framing is very expensive, aluminum framing is much more affordable to the average homeowner. Not only is aluminum framing affordable it is also a better option to buy due to its durability and energy efficiency savings. You would not only save money but you will get a longer-lasting product. Aluminum, since it is metal, is also a more flexible product can fit your customizations.

    Aluminum Is More Flexible Than a Wooden Frame

    With a wooden frame, you have to you stay within certain specifications, while aluminum can be very customizable. You can easily create a custom aluminum frame simply by giving your specifications to the aluminum window maker. An aluminum window frame maker can easily create custom frames because they can shape metal easier than wood.

    These are just some reasons as to why you should go with an aluminum frame compared to a wooden one. Hopefully, you would decide to go with an aluminum window framing for your new home windows.

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    The Five Benefits of Using Aluminum Windows

    Do you want to increase the value of your home, and are thinking about installing new windows? Many homeowners try to get new windows installed in their home because it not only increases the value of their home but also helps insulate their home so it is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It can be quite difficult to determine which type of windows a homeowner will want to install. Many homeowners decide between aluminum or wooden window frame. Fortunately, there are many benefits choosing aluminum windows to be installed in your home. Let’s go over several reasons why you should use aluminum windows for your home.

    Better Thermal Performance

    One of the top reasons for choosing aluminum windows for your home is simply because they have better thermal performance. Aluminum windows, which are high performance, are able to meet energy efficiency standards and sometimes they even exceed them. By choosing aluminum windows, you will be able to see improvements in heat loss heat gain by up to 60 percent. This is much more efficient than high-quality timber or uPVC windows that some homeowners like to choose. Choosing aluminum windows also leaves less of a carbon footprint.

    Less Carbon Footprint

    If you choose to go with aluminum windows you will also be helping the environment because they leave less of a carbon footprint. Aluminum windows are able to leave less of a carbon footprint because they are able to insulate the home more efficiently. Aluminum windows insulate the home more efficiently, which means less energy is used for heating or cooling the home. Less carbon dioxide is put into the air due to using aluminum windows which is very helpful in saving the environment. You will also save significant money on your heating and cooling bill because you will not need to run your heating and cooling system as much. Aluminum windows are also great because they have a long life.

    Durability and Low-Maintenance

    A great benefit of using aluminum windows is that they have low maintenance and they’re very durable. Aluminum is very durable in harsh weather conditions and it is also resistant to corrosion. The durability and resistance to corrosion make aluminum windows a low maintenance frame. Aluminum windows will not split, crack, or swell over time. These factors ensuring you are getting a great product that will last over time. Aluminum can also be left in the condition it is bought or it can be decorated it with paint. You also like how cheap aluminum windows are compared to other frames.\


    The nice thing about using aluminum frames for windows is that they are cheaper than other options. Even though aluminum windows are cheaper than other window options, they provide a strong solution. As you learned above they have a long life and they’re very durable in extreme weather conditions. They also are great at insulating the home so you will save money on heating and cooling costs. Not only are aluminum windows affordable but they also have great design flexibility.

    Design Flexibility

    Aluminum windows are a great option because they have exceptional design flexibility. You are limited by your imagination because of aluminum can be constructed in multiple ways. You can easily give your exact specifications to an aluminum window maker and they will be able to fit your needs exactly. The only thing that will limit your flexibility will be your budget. You can make your aluminum windows as elegant or economical as you want them to be. Once again with aluminum windows, you are left to your imagination because of their design flexibility.

    These are just several of the benefits that you can achieve by using aluminum windows in your home. Aluminum windows provide better home insulation which will save you money on your heating and cooling bill, reduce your carbon footprint which will save the environment, they are durable in any weather condition due to aluminum strong properties, easy to maintain since they last a long time, they’re affordable, and they are also flexible with your design preferences. These are all great reasons as to why you should use aluminum windows over other premium window choices.